Top 5 strategies for OTAs to minimize Booking Abandonment

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) have the highest abandonment rates, at 93.96 % in the year 2019. Before the age of social media, travel agents’ behavior, communication, transparency, respect towards the customer, and sincerity towards their work were the important strategies for a travel agency to retain customers. Respectful and Supportive Customer Interactions were the pinnacle

Boost Brand Image: Seal your brand in Stories

How to tell a story to the world, from the marketing room of a startup? How many articles do you normally read in a day? Content Marketing is a never-ending and demanding To-Do list. Startups try every form of marketing available to make sure the business gets a platform in the digital world. (Yep, this

Top 5 Techs to trend Post COVID 19

Making the world a much better place is the primary vision of the 8 million-plus people.  Ever wondered what we have realized so differently in this pandemic? This pandemic has shown us the power of the digital world, the value of technology, digital readiness to accustom any transformation, and the incomparable support we received in

5 Ways to boost your startup!

Year. 2020. How many startups are celebrating their first year anniversary in 2020?? How many are struck with your first 3-4 months in the lock down? Not many companies get to celebrate their first year anniversary, with work from home. Your business is indeed unique!!  The first steps of the first year are always special.

3 reasons why your business needs Mobile App, Pronto!

Just imagine! You aren’t feeling sleepy around 2:30 AM. All you think would be to take your smartphone and browse! At least check time! There’s no way you are going to take your laptop. 2:30 AM is not the time for physical stores to be open “just” for window-shopping. But apps help!  #convenience Yep. Have

Chatbot : Misconceptions on Me

“Hello! I’m a bot!”🤝 A human once asked me, “Can a bot talk like humans?” And, I believe everyone knows the answer by now. “Yes!” The person continued, “Can a bot feel like humans?” My reply : “Someday” It’s not “Definitely No” or  “No, I think”. My response was “Someday.” Chatbots… Chatbots have turned into

CHATBOT – The Digital Assistants

The trending answer for winning the hearts of customers! The “WHAT?!?” – To state in simple terms, Virtual Assistants.  Be it B2B or B2C or even personal, chatbots are used as a personal virtual assistant, to look-up and handle simple tasks.   How do they do it? Simple. Technology! Artificial Intelligence is helping the chatbots by

Flutter & Kotlin : Is the Future Early?!?

                    Is Java, still your “My Cup of Coffee”?? Is the most expected future already here?? The wait for the future of Tech World… The most awaited and expected Spring, is it unexpectedly early? The entry of Flutter and Kotlin has brought the change we all have been probably hoping to

Kotlin :Trending New Big Thing!

"It's the Era of Apps and Android!" "With Java in the market...why to worry about..." "Wait...Wait...Hold on! Are you still...DON'T TELL ME!!!" "Seriously!!! Don’t tell me you’re still writing Android Apps in Java!!” 🤯😳 (Image Source:Twitter) Remember when Kotlin was introduced as a supported language for Android? Google supported back then in 2017 itself, in

Flutter : Everything about it stands out!

Flutter : Everything about it stands out! Flutter, Google’s new open source UI framework for developing revved up, seamlessly surprising and speedy applications on Android, iOS and Windows OS! What makes Google’s Flutter standout? “Everything about it!” I don’t want to be the person to provide a special and separate rostrum for Flutter and file