IT Security

Protect – Find – Fix – Prevent – Protect
In the Digital Era where there always is real-time bidirectional flow of data and information, Enterprise Data, IT Information and IT Infrastructure are in dire need of cyber security strategies to prevent unauthorized access.

In order to maintain and achieve the 3 goals of IT Security: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, we are skilled, equipped and are always prepared, to provide you with the 3 types of IT Security: Preventive, Detective and Responsive.

We help you protect your digital assets and network devices and in turn, assist you with a healthy business.

Our Services:

Application Security – We develop secured Applications and also help in providing real-time security monitoring and protection.

Database Security – Ensuring the security of your business’s database and protecting all the information stored from the worldwide increasing theft in Digital World is important for your business. You don’t have to go too far to find out how. Reach us!

Cloud Security – Fear not about the high-profile security breaches or about the Applications, Digital data, services and all other vulnerabilities in Cloud Computing Infrastructure! It’s our priority as we enforce encrypted cloud service and provide an efficient monitoring.

E-mail Security – We ensure that your internal computer network is hardened and ensure only authorized users can access and make changes. The confidentiality of your organization’s data is our prime concern!

Network Security – We make sure your servers are up-to-date and our security installed is upgraded to prevent unauthorized entry into your network. We guarantee that your in-house team’s usability, authenticity and fidelity are uncompromised.

Internet Security – When it comes to protecting information that is being sent and received in browsers or to look for malware in the incoming internet traffic, we know what to look for and the ways to fix them, even the subtle ones.

Endpoint Security – We will act as an independent all-seeing eye that oversees and delivers protection at the device level. We take responsibility for device management and malware protection and help prevent your devices from accessing malicious networks which we sense as a threat.

Compliance – Our intent is to give you a range of ways to make certain that your digital data and the platform is safely secured and make sure that it meets the standards as stated by the regulatory organizations.

Data Governance – No misuse. No unauthorized access. Our coding will act as a strong platform and defends your database from being breached.